Maganese Letter to Public

Public Notice for East Carbon City
 Issued September 23, 2022
In response to colored water complaints, East Carbon City took water samples on
September 7. When the results came in on September 22, it was discovered that
elevated levels of manganese are present in the East Carbon City drinking water
system. Because the measured concentration of manganese is above the EPA’s
Health Advisory Level for manganese (0.3 mg/L), we are notifying customers of
these results.
East Carbon City is taking action to reduce manganese levels and is continuing
to have the water tested. The water system will issue another notice when the
levels have been reduced to a level below EPA Health Advisory levels.
Please read this entire notice and share it with anyone that drinks the water in
your home. For more information and updates visit the East Carbon City
Health Information
Although manganese is naturally occurring and an essential nutrient at low
levels, exposure to high levels may be associated with adverse central nervous
system effects, particularly for formula-fed infants, the elderly, and those with liver
disease. Because infants have a developing nervous system and a higher
absorption and lower excretion of manganese than older children or adults do,
they are more sensitive to the effects of high levels of manganese. Bottle-fed
infants who drink water containing more than 0.3 mg/L of manganese over a
period of 10 days may have negative neurological effects.
What Customers Should Do
Based on the manganese levels and guidance from EPA, we suggest that
customers do the following:
● Do not use your tap water to prepare bottles or food (e.g. soup) for
infants under six months, the elderly or those with liver disease. Tap
water may be used to prepare foods, such as pasta, where the water is
discarded prior to consumption.
● Do not boil water you intend to drink. Boiling, freezing, or letting water
stand does not reduce manganese levels. Boiling can increase levels of
manganese because manganese remains behind (i.e., is concentrated)
when the water evaporates.
● Contact your doctor. If you have specific health concerns, you may wish to
consult with a medical professional.
What is being done?
● The East Carbon water system will conduct flushing of water mains in order
to reduce the manganese concentrations.
● The East Carbon water system will be altering the water treatment process
to remove more manganese.
● Ongoing samples will be taken, and public notifications will continue until
all test results are found to have safe levels. Check for the most recent sampling results.
Summary of Sample Results
Samples were collected on September 7, 2022, and they were tested for several
contaminants, including manganese, iron, lead, and copper. Only manganese
was found in elevated concentrations. No elevated levels of iron, lead, or copper
have been found.
Limit/Level Number of
Samples Above
Highest Level from
Samples Taken
September, 2022
Manganese 0.3 mg/L^ 3 out of 3 0.612 mg/L
Iron 0.3 mg/L* 0 out of 3 0.03 mg/L
Copper 1.3 mg/L 0 out of 3 0.107 mg/L
Lead 0.015 mg/L 0 out of 3 Not Detected
^ Manganese levels are based upon the EPA’s Health Advisory levels.
* Secondary drinking water standard established only to provide guidance in
evaluating aesthetic qualities of drinking water
For more information, please contact: East Carbon City (435) 888-6613